Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jury Duty

My husband receives a summons for jury duty at least once a year. I never get one. It has probably been 15+ years since I had one. Believe it or not a summons came for me in the mail today. Yikes! February 23rd, the same day as our Unity Walk supporting Dr Frantz, Dr Benza and Jessica as they trek up Mt Kilimanjaro for PH. Do you think the judge will let me off for this reason? Maybe I could get him to donate! LOL. I can be convincing!
The day before I call to see if my assigned number is required to report. I should still have enough time even if I need to show up jury duty. I wiIl need a back-up plan in case I'm not out in time. John says you stay until they are finished with you. What next Charlie Brown?